Saturday, April 13, 2013

m.pulse Skin Care for Men

several months ago i had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of m.pulse , Denver's Intense Pulse Light Spa. since that grand opening they have taken Denver by storm and opened up two more spas with plans in the works for more! one of the things i appreciate about the m.pulse philosophy is that they recognize men need skin care too. 

i often notice that beauty brands, particularly skin care, market themselves primarily to women. i get it, women buy more beauty products, women tend to be more concerned about skin care, women rule the world (oops, a little Beyonce slip there, but can you disagree?!) i mean women are a force to be reckoned with in the beauty marketing machinery.

but how about men? Tman just might kill me for this but seriously, who do you think he goes to for advice when his skin starts to get dry and scale-y? that's right, moi. he may be a doctor but i am the beauty expert in this family.

perhaps it was kismet that m.pulse sent Tman a variety of products to try just when his skin was starting to scream SOS from the dry, Denver winter? nah. i'll chalk it up to m.pulse's savvy understanding of men's health.

his first stop was the bamboo face scrub, purple packaging does not scare him away. one round with that scrub packed a mean punch in removing all the superficial dead skin cells. what was once rough and ruddy became instantly smooth and soft. 


the other products were helpful in maintaining that great skin. he now officially has his own product basket on the bathroom counter (the one that is 10 ft. long, 9 ft. of which is my personal real estate). i think i may have converted him to the dark side, because once you go great skin you can never go back.



  1. Good post. Thought-provoking. Yes, my husband can be equally as vain as I am. He just doesn't show it on the outside. You should see the way he intensely waxes his body hair (oh no, he'd kill me for this too.) We are dead women, BB!

  2. Hi!,
    Thanks for sharing your ideas about men's skin care. It was an awesome read. My husband also is sensitive about his skin care but he doesn't want to show it on the outside. I would definitely would advise him buy a bamboo face scrub, Thanks for the tips.