Thursday, August 8, 2013

Aveeno Active Naturals Review

Aveeno is everyone's favorite drugstore hair care. with a reputation for being gentle, conditioning and effective it is no wonder they're a hit. this summer Aveeno has introduce the Active Naturals that are formulated with Balancing Seaweed Extract to add softness, shine and manageability to your hair. this sample couldn't have come at a better time.

spending hours by the pool is a lot of fun but the heat & sun are my hair's best frenemies. they keep my hair coarse, dry and brittle and the shampoo & conditioning duo i am currently using is just not cutting it. enter Aveeno, the saving grace of summer haircare. the shampoo and conditioner work well but i like to keep shampooing to a minimum during these summer months, filling in the 'no 'poo' (as in, no shampoo) days with a good dry shampoo that absorbs sweat & oil leaving my hair smelling so fresh & so clean.

with Balancing Seaweed Extract being the focus of this product, let's discuss its benefits. as humans we have been eating seaweed for millennia becuase the seas offer a constant and dependable food source. in addition to being a source of food, medicinally seaweed has been known for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. in a nutshell, a superfood.

i heart Aveeno and if you don't believe me, just check out the posts here, herehere. this last one is one of my most popular posts!



  1. I love the Aveeno Hair Care Line. I am going to have to try the dry shampoo, love that it's sulfate-free!

  2. I love Aveeno, even before I started blogging! I bet the hair care is tdf!

  3. I love Aveeno too but have never tried hair products from them!

  4. There is not a single Aveeno product that I haven't found to be awesome! Great part about their shampoos/conditioners is that they don't have Sodium Chloride which is really bad for keratin treated hair!

  5. My favorite dry shampoo is this Aveeno one. Are you going to put a fishy in the bowl? I've been debating whether I should do that.