Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Make Up For Ever Brush Revolution 2013 (found in Sephora stores and online)

okay makeup fanatics, buckle your seat belts because you are about to be blown away. this September Make Up For Ever is introducing a brush revolution to be found at Sephora nationwide. whether you are an amateur or a pro this set is the optimal set for purchase. 

i've admitted it before and i will admit it again, i am a brush snob, so when i heard about the time and care that went into developing these brushes i became even more enamored. with over 76 brushes in the collection, each brush went through a rigorous process of of 25 stages and was handcrafted by a total of 30 people from start to finish. with brushes designed for multi-use and others much more specific, you can find every makeup brush your little heart desires.

just check out the picture below - a well balanced handle is everything. a well balanced handle plays a roll in how you hold the brush, how much pressure you use in application and how smoothly you apply. sure, you can get away with using an unbalanced brush but this is the equivalent of a Jaguar vs. a Pinto. both will drive but one drives much, much smoother.

the 400s of the series are the Artistic brushes in the collection including a Calligraphy Brush, Body Foundation Brush and Paint Brush. thing costumes and special effects. this Artistic Fan Brush below is specifically designed for creating multi-line effects. its small size is ideal for creating artistic patterns on the face and small areas of the body with ease and precision. think of the possibilities.

below is the Precision Powder Brush of the 100s Complexion series. included in the series is every brush size you would need for foundation, powder or concealer application. the Precision Powdr Brush is a classic, soft bristle brush with a large, round, dome-shape for quick and lightweight application of all types of powder. thanks to its soft and ample head, the brush offers a light product payoff and can be used on the face and body.

you can't forget the eyes. the 200s Eyes series has one of the most complete collection of eye shadow brushes i have seen. the brush below is the 226 Shader Brush, a medium, flat, tapered brush that is thicker at the bottom and slimmer on top. its width is used to quickly apply and blend all types of eye products on the eyelids and brow bone with moderate to intense product payoff. some of my other favorites (not pictured) are the Silicone Applicator which applies loose powder and glitter without the product scattering or falling below your eyes, or the Small Smudger Brush which makes for the dreamiest crease brush ever.

not pictured are the 300s Lips series which include a small selection of brushes for precise lip color application.

last is one of my most prized of the collection is the Foundation Kabuki, Small. it is a small, dense, tapered and round kabuki brush for precise application of foundation around the eyes, nose and lips with moderate coverage. its short and slender handle offers better control in application. i am a huge proponent of the kabuki for foundation application but the downside is that its size typically doesn't allow for precision. enter the Small Kabuki, problem solved!

each brush is finished with a wood handle that has a blunt, angled finish, adding to the beauty of the collection.

seriously folks. i am in love.