Thursday, October 10, 2013

Eucerin Prize Pack Giveaway [Including $125 Visa Gift Card]

this month is national eczema awareness month and chances are, you or someone you love has suffered from this itchy condition, too. here at the Blushing Basics household all three babies have taken bouts with eczema, my daughter having the worst case of it and still battling that dry itching skin. frequent itching causes her to wake up at night, causes her constant discomfort and makes that poor little girl one unhappy bug. thankfully Tman is a full-fledged Allergist. that's right, Tman MD is the MAN when it comes to taking care of our dry-skinned kiddos.

one of our best remedies for eczema are wet wraps. after bathing we'll wrap some moist towels/rags over the affected area and then cover with baggies or saran wrap. this helps to lock moisture into the skin and sooth the irritation caused by eczema allowing skin to heal faster. 

one of the most common misconceptions is that you should bath less when you have eczema, but the truth is, you should bath more. instead of avoiding water, you should avoid hot temperatures and make sure to lather on the lotion immediately after bathing. don't wait a few minutes - those precious minutes allow the moisture to evaporate from your skin. instead, keep some tubes of Eucerin's latest Eczema Relief Instant Therapy nearby and slather your skin to softness.

Eucerin is proud to be part of the solution through its newest line of products specifically designed to relieve Eczema symptoms, including:

Eucerin Eczema Relief Instant Therapy is clinically proven to immediately soothe and calm the dry itchy skin caused by eczema and provide long-lasting itch relief. Its moisturizing formula protects and fortifies the skin barrier, improving the appearance and overall skin condition. It is appropriate for adults, children and babies. The formula is free of dyes, fragrance, and steroids, and gentle for use on eczematic skin.

Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Crème is clinically proven to significantly improve hydration, improve the appearance of red, irritated skin and relieve itchiness of eczema.

to celebrate eczema awareness month and the recent launch of Eucerin's eczema solutions, one lucky Blushing Basics reader will win:
  • $125 Visa Gift Card
  • NEW Eucerin Eczema Relief Instant Therapy
  • NEW Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Crème

follow the Rafflecopter instructions below for your chance to win:


*i am a Skin First Network blogger and as such received this promotion on behalf of Eucerin however all opinions, snark and around the way knowledge is my own.

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  1. My daughter suffers from eczema. It just sort of popped up one day and now it comes back every so often. We can't figure out the rhyme/reason. It just shows up now and then.