Friday, October 11, 2013

Fashion Friday: Leather, Leopard & Gold

this week's Fashion Friday features one pant worn two ways. i'm sure you've seen these Hammer Pants on the racks of all your favorite stores. i happened to find them at Target & Nordstrom, which means the pajama/blouse/Hammer/genie pant will be worn by all this fall. the great thing about this pant is that they are ridiculously, casually, comfortable but can also be transformed just with a pair of heels.

my current favorite combination of colors is black, gold & leopard. add in anything leather and you have yourself a hit. this petite (faux) leather biker jacket was picked up at Wallis Fashion, which carries a variety of on trend clothing that hits on all my musts: affordable, modest & cute.

another item you may want to add to your 'it' list is a pair of sandals that will transition your wardrobe from warm weather to cool. Birkenstock style is back in a big way but thankfully there are a lot more options to choose from than the old school double strap. i found this Brio sandal made by Juil, a brand of shoes with a technology to their design to keep you grounded. definitely check out their website to learn more but in the meantime, they are clearancing all of their sandals which means a major score might be in store.



  1. Kristie ~~ You look Amazing !!!
    Love it both way !!!
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  2. I love this look with the leather! Those pants are awesome and I love the necklace!