Tuesday, October 8, 2013

MAC Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is quickly approaching, do you have any costume ideas yet? if not, here are some gorgeous Halloween makeup ideas courtesy of MAC. if this doesn't spark some ideas i don't know what will! they are clever, glam, gorge and every other adjective worthy of the MAC title.

The Great Gatsby

go 1920's glam with this Gatsby inspired look. straight golden brows, deep purple lips, white lined waterline and smokey eyes are all characteristics to play up. get your Jazz Age gear ready by pairing with a flapper dress and perhaps an old bottle, this was the era of Prohibition after all...


this Dark Knight look is so simple to recreate. stick with your typical glam makeup look accented by some berry red lips. 'paint' your mask on easily by using tape as a border for your mask lines - then simply fill in with black.


why not go as 'Somebody That I Used To Know'? this Gotye look would make the perfect couples costume. pair it with a nylon bodysuit and a partner willing to wear a chic black bob and you are set.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn is the classic Halloween costume. odds are, you or someone you know will be wearing this! characteristics of Marilyn makeup include black eyeliner, less color more contour, red lips and of course the signature mole. to get the extra Marilyn effect, be sure to line the lower waterline in white. this will give you her dreamy bedroom eyes.

Hunger Games

Capitol makeup anyone? Hunger Games makeup is all about extremes. take your brightest pink blush and use it on your lids, your temples and your cheek bones. redefine your lip shape and change the color of your brows to bring the look to life.

Nicki Minaj

my personal favorite look to imitate. Nicki has such a signature style. this makeup plus a pink wig, a cute tutu and knee high stockings will help complete your Nicki-esque style.



  1. They're all perfect!!!

    1. i know, right?! picking one is the difficult part...

  2. I love the one for Gotye, so fun.

    1. i was going to do a video for this one but when i received the MAC face charts i knew it would be much better to show theirs. LOL