Saturday, October 5, 2013

Make Your Own Halloween Costume!

here are some of my favorite Halloween costumes that you can make yourself. while time is definitely an investment, your bank account might thank you.

this first idea comes from one of my favorite crafting blogs. my SIL found it a couple years ago and immediately fell in love with the idea. pretty clever huh?

next idea pays homage to social networking. where would we be without it?

this last idea i love. it involves clever makeup, and costume. go pixilated.

so get your thinking caps on and come up with an idea that won't cost you a fortune. besides, half the fun is creating it. and while we're on this topic i still haven't completely given up on the trophy wife idea. any takers?


UPDATE 10.1.13
hello random google traffic! this post gets a lot of hits from search engines and if you are interested in more costume ideas, check out this post with Halloween makeup ideas, OR you could try this Costume Contest for more pictures of homemade costumes, OR last but not least, check out the comments section in this post for even more homemade costume ideas. thanks for stopping by!

MAC Makeup Ideas
Or watch these videos:

Zombie / Special FX Makeup Tutorial

Pop Art Comic Makeup Tutorial
Pirate Makeup Video Tutorial
Fish Makeup Video Tutorial
Pixie Makeup Video Tutorial


  1. I was waiting to see the awesome pictures of your homemade costumes from last year. The lawn ornament idea is WAY up there on my list of creative costumes.

  2. love the pixelated one. brilliant.

  3. thanks Noelle. i did love doing the lawn ornament, i just figured this blog already had enough pictures of me. haha.

    kiki, i bet you could really make that one amazing.

  4. SO creative!! Now we just need a costume party to wear them too......I will work on it! Love the ideas and all of the new videos!

  5. kenia, i LOVE the pixilated one as well :)

  6. That fan girl makeup is so cute! Love it!