Monday, July 14, 2014

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Giveaway/Tutorial/Makeup Wars

this week's Makeup Wars is sharing our favorite Urban Decay products and shadows. not only are we sharing our favorite Urban Decay Shadows but we are also giving them away! you can enter for a chance to win an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette filled with all of our beauty blogger favorite colors.

let me give you a moment while that amazing-ness settles. an entire eyeshadow palette of goodness. definitely worth taking a moment to enter. make sure to follow through to the end of this post for your chance to enter (Rafflecopter below) and links to all of the other beauty blogger favorite AUrban Decay eyeshadow posts.

on to the tutorial. the pictures below don't do this look justice due to the foiling effect of the shadow. i can't capture the shine and shimmer highlight that make this look the ultimate easy eye makeup:

plus, for those of you advancing in years and are worried about using shimmery colors (they tend to accentuate wrinkles) this look actually works since you are only adding shimmer to the very center of your lid, rather than all over.

on to the tutorial!

  1. apply nude brown shadow from lashline to crease. in this instance, i am using Urban Decay's YDK shadow.

  2. using the foiling technique (for further instruction click here), i foiled my Queen Phyllis to the center of my eyelid only

  3. using the same brush used for foiling, gently sweep back and forth just above the lash line.

  4. enjoy!

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