Sunday, November 8, 2015

Goody Hair Products

this post is sponsored by Goody and Acorn however all thoughts and opinions are my own. #cleanradiance

when i first met my husband i had a short pixi cut that was a deep auburn color. i loved experimenting with my hair in my 20's and was constantly changing the color and the style. once i got married that experimenting died down a bit and the hair length slowly began to increase. twelve years and three kids later my hair has reached great lengths and all color experimenting has gone leaving me with blonde highlights long hair.

let's be real, i love styling my hair but finding time for it every day is not easily, especially juggling children, home, work, etc. the long length works for me because i can style it quickly and easily (half bun, anyone?) or i can invest more time for long smooth waves. whatever my choice the one thing i do want is healthy hair.

beginning in October, Goody launched Clean Radiance which is a new hairbrush line that is striving to change the hair brush game. the brushes can be found in the hair care aisle at Walmart and the price tag is excellent. the Clean Radiance brushes have copper bristles that massage the scalp and work through the hair to reduce buildup and restore your hair's natural moisture balance. the moisture balance is something i am ALWAYS working to achieve, particularly in winter when my scalp becomes extremely flaky. thanks to the Clean Radiance brush by Goody the copper bristles have helped to reduce buildup which has left my hair looking healthier and more radiant. the brush has a flexible cushion and is comfortable when brushing. *

my hair story is constantly evolving and with that evolution i need products that are going to change with me and improve the quality of my hair. the Clean Radiance brushes are just the solution.

say goodbye to buildup and hello to healthier, shinier hair.


: "Results based on consumer usage and perception study" 

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