Monday, November 9, 2015

Holiday Ready With Unilever

this post is sponsored by Lunchbox and Unilever however all opinions and thoughts are my own. #TakeANewLook

it is November which means the holidays are here and it is a time to be merry. it is also a time to reevaluate and adjust your hair and skincare regimen and #TakeANewLook. with the changing of the seasons you should also be changing your products and your personal care regimen. Albertsons and Safeway a here to help you take your holiday personal care regimens and looks to the next level. time to take it from a ten all the way to eleven.

Albertsons and Safeway are a one-stop-shop for everything you need this busy holiday season. they have a great selection of products throughout the store including all the latest and greatest of the Unilever products. curating the most innovative products for shoppers personal care you can find all you need for personal care. Albertsons and Safeway don't just invite you to take another look at the Personal Care aisle, but to Take A New Look home with you every time you shop.

i picked up some family favorites on my last trip. my son has his own personal preference of body wash, one that is going to leave him smelling fresh and clean. my daughter prefers the perfumed scent of Caress for body wash and love how long the rose scent lasts. my husband doesn't want strong scented wash thanks to his career in Allergy and Immunology so original Dove wash it is. the new Dry Spray Antiperspirants are a favorite of both of ours and i made sure to pick up his and hers in Degree. we are set to Take A New Look!

now for the exciting part. in two easy steps you can enter for the chance to win a Beauty Holiday gift pack and gift card! head over here to determine which Unilever product is best for your skin type this holiday season. then fill out the easy form to be entered for the chance to win. head over to the #TakeANewLook Sweepstakes and take the #TakeANewLook quiz today!

prize includes a sponsor selected Unilever Personal Care Beauty Product Gift Pack and a $500 Safeway or Albertsons gift card. there will be six first prize winners who will get a $50 Albertsons or Safeway gift card. there will be four second prize winners who will get a $100 Albertsons or Safeway gift card and twenty third prize winners who will get a $50 Albertsons or Safeway gift card. sweepstakes dates:10/28/15 - 12/1/15 official rules here.

 good luck and be sure to #TakeANewLook.


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