Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Purchase Dove at Walmart and #SparkSelfEsteem

this post is sponsored by Lunchbox and Dove however all thoughts and opinions are my own. #sparkselfesteem

recently i was given the opportunity to host a Houseparty for Dove through Houseparty.com. the purpose of the party was to gather friends and family together to talk about the self-esteem project. i was thrilled to invite over some friends and their daughters for a lunch date to discuss self-esteem.

self-esteem is something that is fragile but it seems to be particularly fragile in young women. we talked about recognizing ways to build our own self-esteem because i feel like if we as parents are confident and strong we will help build young women who are confident and strong as well. we put together different projects recognizing who and what inspires us and who and what we inspire. we made 'Inspiration Boards' highlighting things that inspired us, made us happy and made us want to be better. we talked about our roles as parents and what we can expect from our children. the afternoon was a lot of fun and i felt like it was a success both as a hostess and a parent.

social media plays a big role in our lives and the lives of young women. we are constantly bombarded with images that are unrealistic, images that we compare ourselves to or images that don't uplift. i personally want to focus on creating content that inspires and fills hearts rather than content that might make others self-conscious and unhappy.

the reason Dove is asking people to feature these workshops is because they are placing a particular interest in helping girls build self-esteem. now that our friends and daughters have experienced the #sparkselfesteem summit and learned ways to empower our young friends through social media we are hoping that we can continue to support them online and offline. when you purchase Dove, you show your support for self-esteem building programs for girls in your local community. visit www.Walmart.com/Dove to purchase Dove products today!

our Dove #sparkselfesteem packets

our lunch spread. we made croissant sandwiches with salad, veggies and fruit as a side.

Kaili's inspiration board.
our sweet kiddos had fun making inspiration boards as well.
Allyson nailed it when she said she can inspire ANYONE.

having fun and connecting as moms.

creating our boards with the kids and for ourselves.
the Houseparty was a success and i feel like we are going to carry away some new tools to help us create a more positive environment for our children.


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