Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! i will be spending the day partying it up with my kiddos and i hope you have lots of fun activities planned too.

in the meantime, here's a short About Me video that i put together as an application for a blog competition. i thought i would share it with my favorite people (you guys!) and hopefully give you a little glimpse into my life.

my entire family helped me put it together. you can hear Cdiddy coughing at about 1:48 and catch a glimpse of me rockin' out with my two older kids. even Tman makes a cameo, something that doesn't happen often.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Costume Ideas

the countdown is here. one more day until Halloween - are you prepared?!

if not, here are some Halloween makeup ideas, OR you could try this Costume Contest for more pictures of homemade costumes, OR you can visit any of the videos below for some costume makeup tutorials. 

clever costumes are only an imagination away:

MAC Makeup Ideas
Or watch these videos:

Zombie / Special FX Makeup Tutorial

Pop Art Comic Makeup Tutorial

Pirate Makeup Video Tutorial
Fish Makeup Video Tutorial
Pixie Makeup Video Tutorial

Monday, October 29, 2012

Beauty For A Cause

i was recently asked to review two products which were created to help those in need. the first is the jane iredale lipgloss Cherish Lip Fixation. this product is one of my favorite shades of lip color + it is a jane iredale product which i love + 100% of proceeds are donated to LBBC = high fives all round.

every year for the past five years, jane iredale has introduced a special product with profits from sales going to LBBC. this year is marked by the launch of Cherish Lip Fixationa versatile, two-in-one product with a lip stain in a universally flattering pink and a complementary gloss. a shining tribute to these inspiring women affected by breast cancer, Cherish is an uplifting indulgence for every woman and a reminder to kick up her heels and celebrate life! Cherish comes with a zip pouch adorned with two whimsical shoe charms that evoke the promotion name: “Cherish yourself and kick up your heels!” one hundred percent of profits from the sales of Cherish will be donated to LBBC for an entire year, or while supplies last.
second is Mary Kay's NouriShine Plus lipgloss which is long lasting, not too sticky and yes, the perfect shade of pink.

according to domestic violence shelters in the US, domestic abuse has increased for the third year in a row. in addition to that, government cutbacks are decreasing the shelters' ability to help survivors. the National Network of Domestic Violence shares the statistic that three women die each day due to domestic abuse.

in an attempt to prevent 'glossing' over these statistics, Mary Kay has begun a beauty initiative called Beauty That Counts. with this initiative they will be releasing two brand new limited edition shades of Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss.

during Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October women can continue to support their efforts just by purchasing a limited-edition Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss ($14). thru December 15th $1 from each sale will be donated directly to the Mary Kay Foundation.

if you are in the market for the absolute perfect shade of pink lip gloss i would suggest giving one of these super products a try. 


Friday, October 26, 2012

Violent Eyes Giveaway

just yesterday i posted about these awesome eye appliqués called Violent Eyes - from the makers of Violent Lips. how would you feel about the chance to win a package of these for yourself?

ladies (and some gentlemen), today is your lucky day! Violent Eyes has generously offered to give away a set of Violent Eyes to TWO winners. follow rafflecopter instructions below to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

hope you have a great weekend, hope you have lots of Halloween festivities to enjoy and hope you are safe.


Scale Nails {Nail Tutorial}

in true Halloween form i have put together a tutorial using some products recently sent for review. the product shown above is a limited edition JulieG nail polish for Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. Jesse's Girl is a great option for Halloween makeup if you are going for those great makeup looks (like the MAC ones i previewed here). 

perhaps you were thinking along the lines of mermaid? check out my fish makeup tutorial here which would work perfectly with the nail tutorial below for scale nails:
#shoutout to the Limited Edition Cynthia Rowley Tweezerman 


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Laser Skin Rejuvenation {Guest Post}

What is Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Laser skin rejuvenation (also known as laser skin resurfacing) is a type of treatment that reduces acne scars, dark spots, facial wrinkles and other irregularities. In order to work, a laser sends concentrated beams of light at the damaged skin. As the pulsating beam of light hits the surface, the irregular skin is removed one layer at a time.

The best candidates for laser skin resurfacing are those who have acne scars, brown/dark spots or fine lines and wrinkles. During the procedure, the technician usually chooses between two different lasers. One option is a carbon dioxide laser, and the other option is erbium laser resurfacing. Besides eliminating acne scars and wrinkles, the procedure can also treat warts and enlarged oil glands. A carbon dioxide laser works by sending continuous light beams in a specific pattern to remove layers from the skin. Erbium laser resurfacing is ideal for patients who have moderately deep wrinkles. Many people prefer this laser because the recovery time is faster.

Prospective patients should know that laser skin resurfacing is an outpatient procedure. If the doctor only treats certain areas on the face, the procedure may only take 30 to 45 minutes. When it comes to a full-face treatment, the procedure can take up to two hours to complete. Any time that the doctor is treating small areas on the face, he or she will use a local anesthetic to numb the areas. During a full-face treatment, the patient usually receives general anesthesia.

Following surgery, it is vital for patients to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or higher. Using sunscreen is a way for patients to protect their skin from harsh UV rays and hyperpigmentation.

The laser skin resurfacing process is an excellent way to diminish signs of aging. People can use the procedure to eliminate early wrinkles, age spots and deep lines. Laser skin rejuvenation can even treat acne scars, warts, blemishes and spider veins. Thanks to new technology, the entire procedure can be completed in less than an hour. Since it is an outpatient procedure, no hospital stay is required. This popular anti-aging procedure has proven to be safe and effective.

Guest post by Damon Scordo, General Manager of South Coast MedSpa (SCMS), a worldwide leader in laser skin resurfacing treatment for all skin types. SCMS is proud to announce the grand opening of its 4th location in San Diego. SCMS offers SanDiego skin resurfacing, SanDiego skin rejuvenation and SanDiego acne scar removal for dark skin as well as light skin tones. SCMS also has locations in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Glam Eye Products {Review}

check out my Violent Eyes glitter liner. 
with Halloween approaching and the holidays just around the corner let's talk glam. glam eyes, glam lashes, glam liner. previously a novelty only enjoyed by celebrities (thanks to expert makeup artists) glam eyes can be had by all.

let me pull out my megaphone. i repeat. glam eyes can be had by all.

so simple achieve in just a few short steps, here's how:

Violent Eyes from the makers of Violent Lips is releasing these amazing eye appliqués that allow you  glamorous glittery eyes in a few simple steps. they are almost like applying a fake tattoo. you measure the size you want your eyeliner or eyeshadow to be, trim the appliqué to size and place on a clean eyelid. dampen with a Q-tip and the paper peels off to leave the glittery-est eyeliner ever that won't sweat, rub, or smudge off. love!

please excuse my obsession with all things glitter.

the Violent Eyes are comfortable to wear and so lightweight you hardly notice you have anything on.

want to know Kim Kardashian's secret to beautiful lashes? the secret to glam lashes are mink. pictured above are my Goddess Lashes [sent for review] made of mink eyelashes to give a full natural effect. these lashes start at $150 a pair which is a bit steep, but take good care of them and they will last.

i have the LUX medium lashes which really glam up my eyelashes making them long and plush. the down side is that these lashes can be a bit heavy to wear for long periods because they are so full and thick. i wear these for my television segments and love how full they make my lashes appear.

hello, holidays! here eye i come.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

True & Co. {Review}

last week i received an e-mail from True & Co. asking if i would like to give their service a try. perhaps they are psychic and could see the state of my intimates collection was in desperate need of a pick me up? regardless, yes i needed new bras, yes i hate shopping for bras with my children and yes please spare me the awkwardness of having someone analyze my cups to tell me whether or not they fit. straight to the True & Co. website i went to order my much needed bra replacements.

True & Co. is a personal bra shop online. you fill out a (quick!) survey that helps you analyze whether or not your current size is the correct fit. once you select your issues and what you are looking for, the genius brain inside the True & Co. website personally selects two bra options and you are given a variety to select three options of your own. with a minimal deposit all five bras are shipped (quickly!) to your home where you can try on, check fit, determine the winner and send the remaining brassieres back (with an included return shipping label).

easy, right? determine size, select your favorites, wait for arrival, try on bras in the privacy of your home and return remaining bras. did i mention that this was quick?!

my delivery package, thank you 2nd day air!

my five piece selection - bra #1 and #5 were my personal choices. hello, practical.

a True tag is placed on every bra. once removed you have 'purchased' the bra.
okay ladies, if bra shopping has always felt like a bit of a headache - let's face it, it is only fun when you're 19 - this is your solution. go ahead and give them a try, their magical 'bra fit' algorithm ensures a True fit every time.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Make Up For Ever Fall Tutorial

last month in New York i had the opportunity to head to the Make Up For Ever boutique and get a glam fall makeover. it was everything you would expect, walls and walls of gorgeous makeup, spectacularly beautiful makeup artists and inspiration everywhere. i liked the overall look but it was a bit dramatic and strong for everyday. on the upside, later that day i had someone stop me and ask if i was a model. at 5'1" and 31 years old that is the best compliment.

my makeup artist decided to create my Fall Look using some rich wine tones. i ended up discovering some of my favorite products throughout the makeover. first was the shadow shade Cafe Latte, the perfect contour color, shadow color, all purpose amazingness. you can check it out here.

second was the brush. i have never used a brush this shape and it is brilliant! it is the the eyeshadow 18S. after looking into it i found that it also received 5 stars on you can check it out here.

check out below for a step by step tutorial on how she created the look.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Super Mega Deluxe Halloween Giveaway

The ladies of the">Beauty Blog Coalition
have teamed up once again to host another sweepstakes for our dear readers!  The Beauty Blogger Coalition Halloween Sweepstakes begins today, 17 October and will end on 1 November 2012.  One winner will receive a $500 USD Visa Gift Card!  All terms and conditions may be found at the bottom of the Rafflecopter widget.  Please allow the widget to load in full.  You may enter on any of the participating blogs below - Rafflecopter will not allow you to enter twice.  You may tweet about the giveaway (the last option in the Rafflecopter) every day for extra entries!">Beauty and Fashion Tech">Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom">Emily Hudspeth, Bringing the Beauty to You!">Making Up the Midwest">My Newest Addiction Beauty Blog">Perilously Pale">Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful">The Daily Nail Blog">The Plastic Diaries

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Nail Ideas

i am so excited to share with you some creative, fun and creepy nail designs from Illamasqua. Illamasqua is a cult makeup company based out of the UK known for their edgy style and quality products. this Halloween they partnered with US nail artist Fleury Rose to create the following designs using Illamasqua's highly pigmented and long wearing polishes.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lush Halloween Treats

i love Lush Handmade Cosmetics and i think i might love their limited edition collections even more. they're clever, creative and such a fun treat during the holidays. the item selection is inexpensive and envelops you in ooey gooey amazing-ness that it is worth indulging in occasionally - or often.

when asked to give the Halloween selection a try i knew the Blushing Basics family would be dancing Gangnam Style in excitement (heeeeyyyyy, sexy lady!) and in true Burnett style we Gangnam'd Style'd our hearts out.

first stop was Calacas. the jiggly shower jelly that doubles as a shampoo. for extra excitement you can freeze this and then lather up in a hot shower but waking up is hard enough without adding polar bear swim shower to my routine. i'll stick with room temp.

quick note: it is made with neroli scent, my current obsession.

The Enchanter
the item that really put Lush on the map (imho) was their bath bomb. drop it in the tub, watch it fizz and simultaneously fill the air with some of the best smelling, relaxing, invigorating, warming, vibrant delicious scents you have ever smelled. ranging in price from $4-7 they are the key ingredient to making bath time bodacious. (please excuse my lame attempt at alliteration)

Jacko Ballistic
as soon as this package arrived my little sissy boo called dibs on the 'Jacko Ballistic'. she loved its pumpkin shape and excitedly anticipated bath time that evening.

the pumpkin hit the bathwater and the Lush heavenly scent immediately took over our bathroom. squeals of joy were heard as Mr. Jacko Ballistic fizzed to oblivion in the bathtub. it left the water an orange tinge but thankfully didn't leave the kiddos jaundiced. my favorite item of the collection and the perfect holiday treat for friends, teachers, etc. 

whoop, whoop, whoopwhoop, Gangnam Style!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Manicures

Lacey is guest posting some Halloween Manicure goodness today with some evil eye inspiration shown above or a presh tutorial for Minnie Mouse Nails below. something for your sweet or your salty.

insert evil laugh here [muaaahahahahahaha]

thank you Lacey for the great nail inspirations. for more step by step nail tutorials or unique nail designs by Lacey click here.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Special FX Halloween Tutorial {Step by Step Video}

zombie skin tone courtesy of pic monkey
i am a picmonkey addict. operating a blog without photoshop is like running a car without gas. you just need it. this budget blogger stumbled upon picmonkey when looking for free editing sites and has never turned back! the point of this ramble is that picmonkey is offering special Halloween Effects for the month of October and i am now more addicted than ever. if anyone knows a twelve step program for picmonkey, please share.

i may have taken some liberties with the picture above by using the 'Zombie Skin' filter, but the image below is untouched and will give you a clearer idea of what i'm teaching:

with a few basic makeup materials i created scar tissue, road rash, stitches and goth eyes, all under 5 minutes. interested in how it is done? just watch the video below.


Friday, October 12, 2012

October Inspiration + Free Printable

a long time ago i lived in a land called OH-IO. it is located in the midwest, nestled between the armpit and the belly button of America. having lived there i grew to love the atmosphere (THE Ohio State University & Columbus Crew MLS were the atmosphere) and formed some of the best friendships i have ever made.

that's where i met kiki. my idol.

my girl kiki and i have been collaborating for a long time now. we both started our blogs roughly 2.5 years ago. hers is a design/lifestyle/craft/DIY/awesomeness blog that of coursed propelled to stardom immediately. mine however has been plugging along try to keep up with her superstar status. (all joking aside this is one seriously amazing, kind, creative and genuine person you will ever have the luck of meeting, even if through the internet) we decided to collaborate on a new venture where i put together my 'Monthly Trends' and kiki creates (ironically her old domain name) one her of super incredible prints.

here is what we came up with for the month of October:

October Inspiration

scarves, boots, nudes and neutrals are hot hot hot for fall (of course my love for all things Topshop pointed me in this direction). naturally i like this trending set considering i put it together, but what i really love is kiki's inspirational quote. that statement is true for every.single.person. while i wish i told you that more often, i really do believe it. i love you guys, yes YOU reading THIS blog right now. without you i would be words on a screen, with your support i become much more.


interested in getting a copy of this print for yourself? be sure to thank kiki for creating this FREE printable and allowing all of us to delight in her creativity. 



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stella & Dot Fall + Christmas Collection

i heart stella & dot. they make stylish jewelry, take the guess work out of accessorizing and put so much thought into the detail it looks and feels like fine jewelry (without the price!). with having just released their Fall 2012 collection and their Holiday 2012 collection now available i put together some of my favorite items to get your wish list started.

first, let's talk bracelets. layering bracelets is so adorably cute & chic. creating your own personalized layered look is the hottest jewelry trend of the moment. in the picture above i put together three of my favorite bracelets which would look amazing solo or partied up. i have been wearing the link bracelet and cannot stop adoring it. if this blog suddenly goes empty it is because we ran away together. sorry, i love it that much.

check out these gorgeous teardrop earrings above. earrings are a must for any wardrobe. a woman dressed up without earrings is like a man dressed up without a tie - something's missing. they draw the eye upward towards your face, they enhance your face shape and add some sparkle to your ensemble. worth the 15 seconds it takes to put them on. promise.

when i first saw the lace Geneve Lace collection above i thought 'pretty' and moved on to the next piece of jewelry. when putting together this little look book of Holiday collection pieces i stumbled upon this video featuring the inspiration behind the Geneve Lace collection. i am officially obsessed. watching that video made me want to purchase every piece, plus it gave great tips on how to wear them.

pendant necklaces are one of the most flattering jewelry pieces you can purchase. their length elongates the neckline (good) draws the eye upwards (good) and makes any outfit instantly polished (good). you cannot go wrong with a pendant necklace. what is so great about stella & dot pendants is that they look good alone, layered and can be worn multiple ways. that is a lot of versatility packed into one piece of jewelry.

like i mentioned yesterday, jeweled collars are in. instead of investing a lot of moulah into one shirt, invest your hard earned cash in a statement necklace. wear it with dresses, shirts, camis or tanks. these collared necklaces above will transform a jersey tee into something spectacular.

last but not least, stella & dot has created a capsule collection for Breast Cancer Awareness found here. all net proceeds of the sales in this collection will help support breast cancer research. now you can use your power of shopping for good.

take a minute and check it out just don't blame me if you can stop browsing this amazing site.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Fashion 2012 Trends

Fall Colors: Oxblood, Mustard Yellow, White-On-White

Though it may not be the most pleasant sounding name, Oxblood has become the “IT” color of the season.  This deep red, almost burgundy hue, complements the other jewel-tone hues for fall, and can act as a neutral, pairing nicely with prints. 

Old Navy Shift Dress: $34.94, Dress Barn Blazer: $59, Stetson “Wilmont” hat: $80.00

Other popular fall hues include mustard yellow- as seen prominently on Hollywood’s red carpets- and white-on-white for the daring fashionista who is not afraid to go against the post-Labor Day rules.

Coldwater Creek Shawl Collar Pullover: $69.95, Old Navy The Rockstar Jean: $34.94, Bowtie Flats: $19.94
Dress: $218

Fall Florals

Although floral patterns were a big summer trend, there’s no sign of them wilting for fall.  This season is all about BIG, moodier florals in darker shades.  Rock this statement look in both apparel and your accessories to take flower power to a whole other level.

Shoshanna Dress $330, Coldwater Creek Floral Blouse: $79.95, Charming Charlie black floral ring

Printed denim

Spring and summer were all about bright, bold neon denim colors, and fall is continuing to boycott the classic denim blue .  This season features colored jeans 2.0- colorful hues featuring animal prints, paisleys, polka dots and plaids.

Piperlime - Current Elliott Plaid Jeans: $208, Rag & Bone Ikat Jeans: $187

Jeweled tops/ Collar Necklaces

The jeweled neckline has emerged as another statement look for fall, as seen on numerous jackets, dresses and tops.  This silhouette accentuates the neckline and depending on your mood, can instantly create a sophisticated or youthful look. And the best part- you can create several looks without splurging on one top by simply clasping a collar necklace over a blouse to achieve the same look.

Piperlime I.Madeline Top: $69, Aryn K. Top: $89


Metallic fabrics have become THE material for fall as seen in many capacities such as brocade, mixed-media items and denim.  This embellished material is the perfect way to transition into fall and prepare for the holiday dressing months to come.  Pair the metallic item with a more casual article of clothing to avoid looking too dressy, or accessorize your look with a metallic purse or pair of flats to instantly jazz-up your style.
Kooba Mini Cross-Body: $228, Chrystie: $328, Jonnie: $548, kmart Metallic Blazer: $18, Shoshanna Metallic Skirt

feels so good to be doing fashion posts again. i took a hiatus for a while but if you would like to see past fashion posts click here. or if you have a few extra minutes you can check out my video on How To Layer Clothes for Fall - one of the first few videos i made but also one of the most popular.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Glow Review + Giveaway

just last week i received the recently launched Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Glow for review. the set included a fragrance mist, a scented lotion and an eau de parfum. i am always thrilled to review the Victoria's Secret scents because let's face it - Victoria's Secret knows sexy.

having cornered the market on what women like, what men like and everything in between, they have an uncanny knack for knowing what the trends of sexy are, or maybe that is because they create those trends. their summer scent was just the right amount of floral, whimsy and fruity delight. the Dream Angels Glow scent is the perfect scent to bring us into fall with a mix of florals combined with rich, woodsy notes.

i'll give you another reason to love Victoria's Secret. they have generously offered to give away THREE sets of the Dream Angels Glow collection. you too can have your perfect fall scent in the form of a fragrance mist, scented lotion and an eau de parfum. luuuccckkkyy. (seriously, lucky - that's a $100 value!)

just follow the instructions on the rafflecopter below to enter for your chance to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Saturday, October 6, 2012

FutureDerm's Time Release Retinol 0.5 {Review}

confessions from a former skincare advisor:

many over the counter (drugstore & department store) products can be ineffective. sure they will moisturize, some can leave you glowing but if you are really looking to fight actual problems--read fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, etc.--you typically have to go with prescription strength products. this is where i start droning on and on about the benefits of Retin-A and its effectiveness but it can be hard to get your hands on blah blah blah.

guess what? my beauty blogger friend Nicki (a blogging genius and skincare expert) designed FutureDerm: Time Release Retinol 0.5

if you want a product that honestly, truly, one hundred percent can improve fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and moderate acne then this is your product. 

most retinoids are thick and can take a lot of time to absorb into your skin. this product is lightweight and absorbs quickly allowing you to move on with life instead of waiting for your miracle cream to disappear. it works over a period of eight hours making it less harsh on your skin than the typical retinoid, as well as more effective. 

now a fair warning - retinoids will make you red, a bit flaky and sensitive to sunlight. that is the price one must pay to turn back the clock and actually see efficacy in their skincare. this is one of my few must have products of skin care and i am so glad it is available for you to purchase over the counter! 

to try this miracle cream Time Release Retinol 0.5 click here.


ps. for those of you pregnant or nursing retinoids are NOT an option. sorry :/