Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl

photo courtesy of MAC PR

who loves Glass? this girl. MAC has taken one of my favorite products of all time and brought it to new heights. the Cremesheen line is now infused with crushed pearl, giving your lipsticks and glosses a shimmering glow that is sure to leave your lips luminous.

below are images of the beloved MAC Cremesheen Glass & Lipstick collection with the pearl infusion. ah-mah-zing. pinks, nudes and corals are the stars of the MAC Cremesheen + Pearl line which becomes available, in stores, August 9th.

this much appreciated (seductive) update to the MAC Cremesheen line is the ultimate win. now, if only my lips looked as good as the ones pictured above...

Photos courtesy of MAC PR

Lumia Lounge Visits Denver

one of the best things about being a Beauty Blogger? getting information like this in my inbox.

free manicures? good.
pink? good.
pink manicures and cellphones? good.

if you are a local Denverite i would recommend heading to Park Meadows this Thursday for a chance to get a manicure designed by celebrity manicurist Kandi Banks. Kandi has put together exclusive nail art designs that are only available at the Lumia Lounge. plus, there will also be experts there to give fashion and beauty advice, the same experts who style Nicki Minaj, Drake and Janelle Monae. 

last, this isn't any regular manicure. this manicure will include the limited edition Nokia Lumia Pink nail polish created by Duality Cosmetics, available exclusively in the Lumia Lounge only.

i have already schedule my appointment and will be getting my nails did, along with a few girlfriends. hope to see you there.


Curly Hair Tutorial

  1. with hair wet from shower, apply LOADS of volumizer, mousse and gel. don't be afraid of product! product is your best friend when it comes to curly hair. (i'm talking obscene amounts of product) once product is applied, wrap hair into little buns all around your head.
  2. let hair air dry while you get dressed and do your makeup. the longer you let it air dry, the better. if you don't have too much time, jump to step 3.
  3. unwind buns and spray hairspray over entire head of hair.
  4. using a diffuser, gently "scrunch" hair and blow dry.
  5. to get the perfect curly do, curl top layer of hair using a small curling iron.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

False Eyelash Application {Ardell Lash Review}

adding false lashes instantly glams up any look. however, application can feel clumsy or uncomfortable if you haven't used/worn eyelashes before. if this is your first time wearing lashes, or if you are looking for a subtle glam, wearing individual lashes is your answer. individual lashes are very comfortable to wear and simple to apply.

for my lash application i like to use Ardell DuraLash. they are individual eyelash segments that can be added to create as dramatic effect as you would like. on the downside, they can only be worn once and last no longer than 24 hrs, the upside is that they are virtually weight free and do not cause irritation to your eyes.

here is a before shot of my eyes sans lash:

to apply lashes, dab a small amount of glue to the back of your hand. this makes applying glue to the lash tip simple and it also allows the glue to become a bit tacky before applying. tacky glue = easier application.

next, choose your lashes wisely. i have Ardell DuraLash in medium and short lengths to create a more natural blend of lashes.

take your individual section of lash and dip the tip of the lashes into your glue. using this dab of glue on your hand ensures the perfect amount of glue is adhered to the lash every time.

gently lay the lash segment on top of your own lashes. be sure to give slight pressure to the glue by pressing into your eyelash base. use longest lashes on the outside of your eyes, taper inwards using smaller lashes towards the middle.

the finished product. these lashes can be as subtle as you like but create such a perfect enhancement to your natural lash by adding just the right amount of smokiness and length. 


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Get a Flawless Face {Blushing Basics Series}

i will be spending this week enjoying the beautiful scenery in Sunriver, Oregon where i will face white water rapids, 5 mile hikes, long bike rides and 18 grandchildren all sleeping in one house. my family is big, loud and a lot of fun. it is sure to be a good time.

while i'm gone i will be leaving you with a few Beauty Blog Backtracks to enjoy. today's BBB is the Flawless Face video. after attending a MAC Pro seminar, i created a series of videos teaching what i learned. almost as good as attending the seminar yourself. almost.

i hope you are having a great summer and enjoying every second of it.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY 'Arm Parties' : Fall's Favorite Accessorizing Trend

 this season 'Arm Parties' are in full effect. no music or drinks, just jewelry hanging with jewelry. the latest accessorizing craze means packing on bracelets with every bracelet being invited. arm parties are seen on nearly every fashion blogger and while adorbs, there's a price tag attached.

this season create your own bracelets. friendship bracelets, beaded bracelets, braided bracelets and clasp bracelets are the cool girls in town, so make a few of your own:
if you have any good recommendations for DIY bracelets, i would love to hear. my inspiration came from one of my favorite fashion bloggers: stripes + sequins. seriously, check this girl out if you have a minute. she's brilliant.


Monday, July 23, 2012

HUGE Summertime Giveaway

Crackle French Manicure {Guest Post}

here's a great nail tutorial created by my girl Lacey. she's a nail art-teest. seriously, she's a professional. which means her nails always look great and she is always coming up with great nail ideas. i love the use of the crackle nail polish in french manicure style.

while the tutorial above is pretty self explanatory, if you have any questions or perhaps some nail tutorial requests, please leave a comment and Lacey will hook you up!


Friday, July 20, 2012

5 min. Makeup {Beauty Blog Backtrack}

this week's beauty blog backtrack is my five minute makeup face. this tutorial is going to be pretty useful in about 3 weeks once my son goes back to school. i better stop talking about it now because the thought of my oldest already entering 1st grade is making me a bit misty.

applying makeup in the morning doesn't have to be stressful, a chore, or take 30 minutes. applying some fresh makeup can be as easy as taking 5 minutes for a complete face of makeup. YES, i said five minutes. five minutes is the amount of time i spend waiting in the car while I drop my son off at school, or the amount of time it takes to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast (eat and apply at the same time). i think we could all squeeze in five minutes somewhere in our day so i created a tutorial to show you that it CAN BE DONE!

the key to this? knowing what products to use and what will be most flattering. use a high coverage foundation to eliminate the need for concealer, pick an eye shadow that you can wear solo (eggplant is the best for this, in fact my first MAC shadow was an eggplant color) and know what steps to do. knowing what order to apply your makeup in can take 80% of the thought out of it (i just made up that statistic btw).

so here's the look:

and here's the tutorial:


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Calgon Take Me Away Body Sprays {Review}

Debbie is back with another review. Trust me, it is a worthwhile read. She's hilarious.

It’s that time. Time to discuss bodily scents. Really, have you smelled yourself? Go ahead. No one’s looking. 

Smell that? Nothing. That’s right. Nothing. That little perfume you lightly spritzed this morning barely registers on the “memorable” scale. It’s so benign no one will ever be able to follow your scent should you get lost on the way to the bathroom. What you need is an in your face, unmistakable, who-set-off-the-flower-bomb-in-here kind of smell. For safety’s sake. 

Enter Calgon.

You may remember Calgon from their well-known “Take me away!” ad campaign from the 70’s and 80’s (cue zoom in on overly dramatic mom with overly fluffy hair).  Or, like me, you may not.  I didn’t hit the age of bodily scent accountability until the mid-90’s and by then it was all about BBW (Bath & Body Works for those without a significant memory involving Lip Smackers and butterfly hairclips). 

Recently revived and repackaged, the Calgon brand is now popping up on shelves across the country, which made me curious to see what the fuss (used to be) about.  

Calgon was nice enough to send two sprays, Turquoise Sea and Berry Ravishing, for review. And review I shall. 

My definite favorite of the two, Turquoise Sea, has musky undertones with a subtle vanilla chaser that was pleasant without being overwhelming. It doesn’t last too long, but I would definitely wear it for a quick pick me up when I haven’t showered in three days am feeling a little piqued.  

As for Berry Ravishing - here are my thoughts: berries cannibalized each other and then threw up. 

But that’s just my opinion.  And you are entitled to your own…just over there. Waaaay over there…Nope. Farther…I can still smell you. 

I tasted the Berry Revishing (I say that with a sneer that’s not readily evident via blog) for hours. Not just smelled it. Tasted it. In my food, in my water, on my baby’s skin (although, when combined with the baby/spit up scent, it smelled surprisingly better). 

Here’s the kicker – I never actually sprayed it! Those intensely lingering fumes were from merely touching the bottle! I’m pretty sure its original use was as a biological warfare agent. If not, the military should certainly look into harnessing its power in the fight against terror. What terrorist could successfully perpetrate mass violence while overpowered by the lethal smell of berry vomit? World = safer. 

So whether you’re looking for a sweet smelling, short-lasting spray or a quick fix for military overspending – Calgon’s got some winners. Take me away, indeed. 

thank you Debbie for such a great review. your point of view is priceless.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trending July

Trending July

probably one of my favorite posts to create each month is my 'Trending' post where i list the items that have made the most appearances in my routine. for the month of July, my beauty products have become scarce as most days are spent lounging by the pool with the kiddos and an extra large diet coke on hand.

included in my beauty must-haves for the month are my spray tanners for 'touch up' after swimming, my neon orange China Glaze polish (what other month can you wear neon orange and get away with it?) and the rest revolves around my beach tote, towel, and swim suit. July, i heart you.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eye Makeup Tutorial {Step by Step}

last week when i presented some Laura Mercier products on Studio 5 the host mentioned how intimidating the navy blue color was to wear, which prompted this tutorial. this is a great tutorial to take you into fall as it seems that every fall eye palette has a navy blue included.

  1. cover outlined section of eyelid with a blue eye pencil/liner or cream shadow.
  2. add navy blue shadow around the entire eyelid. (follow the lines outlined in step 2 below)
  3. use a shimmer color to add accent to the center of your lid. i used an iridescent pigment by L'Oreal.
  4. using your bronzer, blend bronze around the outside edges to diffuse color for a smoother, natural appearance.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Nail Tutorial


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beauty Blog Coalition {Weekly Roundup}

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fall/Winter 2012 Makeup Trend Tutorial

here's a tutorial featuring how to use the Fall/Winter 2012 makeup trend of earthy, natural colors. use this easy step by step makeup tutorial to create your simple everyday look:


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Win a T3 SinglePass Styling Iron

right now T3 is hosting a contest on Pinterest called What's In Your Bag? it is a fun opportunity to enter to win a T3 Travel Tools Set including a Featherweight Journey Dryer, SinglePass Compact Styling Iron and Reversible Tote ($240 value). 

because T3 is so awesome (you may have seen me raving about them here) i was hoping to share a T3 product with Blushing Basics readers, and guess what? you can also have a chance to win the SinglePass Compact Styling Iron (shown above) by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway widget below.

Jane Iredale {Review}

Jane Iredale is a brand i have a long standing connection with. i was first introduced to the line when i was 20 and working as an aesthetician in a Plastic Surgeon's office. because the line is so incredibly gentle and non-irritating it made the best post surgical cover-up. we carried the entire line of products and i spent many hours playing working with it.

when they sent me their lip glosses to try i was eager to reintroduce myself to the products. how refreshing to find that the product line is still as amazing as i found it to be ten years ago. the glosses are long lasting, have the perfect finish and the applicator is brilliant in that it allows you to get every.last.bit. of gloss. Jane Iredale you are genius.

how about the red for fall? perfection in a tube.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2012

From L to R: Palette Couture, Pure Chromatics, Dare to Glow, La Laque Couture, Rouge Pur Couture

shut the front door. seriously, it is so hot in here right now my eyeballs are burning. is the beauty of the products too much for you too? if there was a way to package 'hotness' then YSL has cornered the market. 

just looking at the new Fall/Winter 2012 makeup collection by Yves Saint Laurent makes me weak. this luxury makeup line oozes glamour. their color selection for Fall is divine. please, give me a second while i wipe the drool from my chin.

okay, enough with the obsession and on to the products. did you check out the nail polish colors? apply one of those gorgeous gems to your fingertips and enjoy feeling like a million bucks for the day. how about that Palette Couture? what you don't see is that the pressed powder mimics the pattern found on the cover of the compact. and the Pure Chromatics eyeshadow set? that lover of a palette can be used wet or dry to give you eight shadow colors. sigh.

investing in this makeup is sure to produce great results, but i use the word invest because it is a luxury brand and does run a bit pricey. my makeup obsession has its limits but it is nice to splurge once in a while. if you are selecting your splurge item for Fall, i would suggest the gorgeous Palette Couture. watch your girlfriends swoon as you touch up your blush.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Laura Mercier Cinema Noir

Laura Mercier's Cinema Noir is a formidable Fall/Winter 2012 collection. aiming for a modern look with a dramatic twist, you will find smoky eyes, highlighted cheekbones and chic nail lacquers in shades of cocoa. say goodbye to the brights of Spring/Summer and hello to the deep tones of Fall/Winter.

Laura Mercier collections are always a win because they provide universally flattering shades. my sister teases me because i refer to them as a mature makeup. what i mean by that is Laura Mercier follows the trends but isn't overtly trendy. you won't find shocking lime greens and yellows in the collections, purple lipliner will be nowhere in sight. what you will find are classic colors blended with the seasonal trends to create a glamourous look. thank you, Laura Mercier.

my personal standout favorite of this season's collection is the Shimmer Bloc. highlighting used to be a trick used only by the pros. now this makeup technique is seen on tweens, teens, (drag) queens, (real) queens and everything in between. if you are late to hop on the highlighting train, start with a Shimmer Bloc. they are easy to use and provide a gorgeous, flattering shimmer for your cheek bones, brow bones and cupid's bow.

below are some close-up shots of the collection. if you have a favorite Cinema Noir or Fall/Winter 2012 look, i would love to hear.


Nail Lacquer - Organza, Cocoa Suede

Eye Color Duet - Mystere

Shimmer Bloc - Starlet Mosiac

Monday, July 9, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creatures {Review, Pictures, Swatches}

the MAC Heavenly Creature is out of the world, literally and figuratively. each makeup pot is designed with a planetary theme giving the illusion of a solar system wrapped up in one pretty little MAC package. with coordinating Cremesheen Glass, lipstick and polish the collection is completed.

the foundation of the Heavenly Creature collection is the MAC mineralized makeup including the Mineralize Skinfinish, Mineralize Blush and Mineralize Eye Shadow. these products are highly pigmented baked minerals that infuse several colors in one pot. looks are deceiving as these colors blend together to create one high frost finish. the powders have a velvety soft application with a slight metallic sheen.

personally, i am a fan of the Mineralize makeup as it gives deep color payoff. the secret of a good makeup artist is blending several colors to give depth and fulness. with the Mineralize makeup, they take out the guess work of what color works with another and blends them together in one package.

if you are at all interested in this collection run, don't walk, to your nearest makeup counter. just released last week and already several products are sold out online. apparently i am not the only one obsessed with this line.

and because the looks are so deceptive with these colors, i put together a swatch to show you what they look like once applied. readers of Blushing Basics know i am not really a swatch girl, but in this instance i figured it was a necessity. you can see the color swatches below. enjoy!


Fall/Winter 2012 Makeup Trends

this week is the premiere of anticipated makeup collections from the hottest of the hot makeup companies. my little fingers have been frantically photographing, swatching, testing and writing about the upcoming Fall/Winter 2012 makeup trends and the latest beauty buzz.

Fall/Winter 2012 makeup is all about rich earthy tones with some jewel hued beauties mixed in. i am happy to report that animal print is still in effect, in a major way. yippee. whether it is smoky or natural there is a makeup shadow for everyone and polishes are rockin' matte, glossy and everything in between.

stick with me this week because it is makeup gluttony all week long. Monday will be a more in depth look at MAC's Heavenly Creature collection. Tuesday is a peek at Laura Mercier's Fall 2012 Cinema Noir collection. Wednesday is YSL's time to shine by introducing the glamorous Fall 2012 exclusives. Thursday is a compilation of my favorite boutique makeup brand latest. Last but not least is Friday's makeup tutorial demonstrating a chic Fall Makeup Look.

in case you missed my coverage of China Glaze's Fall 2012 polish collection 'On Safari', you can find that here.

buckle up. it is going to be a fun ride.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Easy Everyday Hair {Beauty Blog Backtrack}


here is a beauty blog backtrack of a beauty blog written for Blushing Basics as well as Kiki & Co. if you haven't already stopped by Kiki & Co. i would highly recommend it. her blog is filled with some of the cutest DIY's, ideas, and tutorials from clothing to home decor. plus, she let's me post from time to time. she's one of my favorite bloggers and friends.

this beauty blog backtrack is of a simple hair tutorial. it is my everyday, easy, takes 30 seconds, hairstyle. before i show you how simple it is, i want to give some quick love to Pureology haircare. i have been using them on the regular and really appreciate the quality of the product. i use the Precious Oil before blow drying as well as to freshen up dry hair (so sue me because i don't wash my hair every day). it smells amazing and leaves hair smooth, soft and shiny. the Colour Stylist hairspray gives great hold-especially during the summer months-and maintains hold without leaving hair crunchy. head over to www.pureology.com to check out these amazing products for yourself.

did i mention i love Pureology?

alright, enough with the shameless promotion but in case you didn't notice, i really love these products. on with the hairstyle!

  1. begin with straight/curly/wavy hair - this looks good on any type of hair
  2. add some lift to the crown of your hair by back combing. this is where your Pureology Colour Stylist hairspray and Spornette Little Wonder really come in handy.
  3. pin back sides with small clips or bobbies and you'll have yourself one rockin' (easy) hairstyle.

for more easy hair tutorials head here